Hi, am a Tech CEO
and Startup Operator

I have generated $200M in revenue for startups.
ex-MD of a Fintech Startup, now building PowerSmart


Companies I've worked with

I'm on a mission to help startups generate BIG revenue, increase user growth and build great products.

I'm a Business Executive, experienced in revenue and customer growth.

My name is Ogunlade Oluwole.

As an Executive Product Leader and Business Operator, I have spent considerable time mastering the craft of product innovation, strategy execution and business growth with multiple startups in Nigeria and beyond.

I recently co-founded PowerSmartNG, an energy efficiency startup with a promise to help you save up to 20% on your electricity bill.

Before this, I was Managing Director/CEO of Wesley, a soon-to-be launched digital bank for faith-driven entrepreneurs and communities. Just before this I led a UK payment company to $73 Million annualized revenue as Director of Global Partnerships and worked with more startups to launch products serving users in Europe, Asia, North Americas, and Africa.

An Operator with Speciality in

Business Growth Strategy

C-Suite Leadership

AI - Led Strategy

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Startup growth and revenue strategies

I really love to share what I know about growth hacking, product management and marketing. So, I asked some of the smartest founders and thought leaders to help me create this guide​

What thought leaders say about me...

Every startup needs this guy. He’s like a whole department set up to focus on growth and conversion. Wole is not a person, he’s a growth strategy.
Leke Ojikutu
Founder - VoguePay
I have met no idea generator like Wole when it comes to the web environment. The future of the Nigerian web belongs to minds like his.
Lex Akinwunmi
Financial Strategist
Wole is a thought leader when it comes to helping startups with growth marketing. In the early days of TechPoint, Wole's insightful articles on startup growth were some of the best pieces we published. He was always there to help when the need arises.
Adewale Yusuf
Founder - TalentQL
Am a growth hacker + product manager with more than 10 years of experience.
Ayo Dawodu
CEO - Loystar

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