I “tracked down” AvonHMO’s digital strategy playbook (Here is what I found)

AvonHMO is not your typical HMO company.

Even though I use a different HMO provider at my workplace I decided to take a closer look at their successful digital marketing strategies which has helped to grow their market share. 

Here are few more things that the company that claims to be “…the first HMO to sell health plans online in Nigeria” is doing right and why the strategy makes sense to me.

AvonHMO is socially active.

Even though healthcare is a boring industry, Avon is doing its best to build an active audience on the 3 big social media platforms ( Facebook, YouTube and Twitter).

From the engagement counts on their social media pages, it is obvious that their target users engage well with their posts.

AvonHMO has effective content strategy.

A key part of AvonHMO’s strategy is their blog and social media. The blog features different formats of content (tips, quizzes, short informational videos etc) and its is updated often. You can access the blog from the main website.

They also produce a different type of content. A health talk on radio.

Few years ago, I read about how a bank was leveraging content strategy to reach new audience (they even set up a digital TV and it worked). AvonHMO’s radio health talk is a typical adaptation of this model.

AvonHMO’s email marketing strategy works.

I actually got to know about AvonHMO via their email.

The subject lines are OK and the content of the email is usually full of links to helpful health resources. They have figured out how to deliver email that trigger emotional value.

AvonHMO leverages paid marketing to amplify outreach.

I did a search for “HMOs in Nigeria” and saw a Google Ad for AvonHMO.

I also noticed they have an active remarketing (retargeting) campaign as their advert “started following” me to few other sites I visited.

This prompted me to run a competitive intelligence test on their ad campaigns and SEO using SpyFu and SerpStat. The result showed that they are not investing much into their ad campaigns, but most of their competitors do not, as well.

Finally, I took a look at their landing (home) page.

AvonHMO Landing Page.

Most websites fail the landing page test.

They would overlook the fact that the primary function of the landing page is to give a clear, concrete idea of how the business can solve customer’s real problem. (See my post on building a landing page with a clear unique selling proposition (USP)

AvonHMO does averagely well here. They have a clear message and actionable “call to action” buttons.

But there are few things they can also improve on.

One of the obvious ones is search engine Optimization. AvonHMO currently receives little organic traffic because of its average SEO. For example, they appear on page 2 result for “HMO in Nigeria” meaning that their competitors will get most of the traffic. Building quality backlinks will be critical to getting the SEO engine running.

A great tactic could be to invest in creating a newsworthy guide or content piece on health issues in Nigeria (a technique called skyscraper technique). A good example was the success of EbolaFacts website that received 500,000 views in 1 week with multiple sites also linking to it.


In order to increase their market share, corporate companies like AvonHMO are looking beyond billboards, newspaper ads, yellow pages, radio, and TV (all offline channels). Today, there is a big marketing shift to digital strategy. This is because the best way to position your business to meet up with the digital lifestyle of today’s customers is to go digital. Published June 9, 2018

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